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Our mission

Our main mission is to bring closer and connect the Spanish Education community to South East Asia, opening new channels for cooperation between universities, schools, institutes, companies and NGOs. Through our formative programs we contribute to a better mutual understanding between Spain and the societies of Indonesia and the rest of countries of South East Asia.

Our team

We are a young company, but our professional team has a very solid career on consultancy, internationalization, interculturality, education and innovation and has been living and working several years in South East Asia. The team has good and vast knowledge of both, Asian and Spanish cultures and all our members are very motivated by the idea of guiding others in a new personal and professional experience in Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore.

Our values

Senai is committed to the following principles:

About us

SENAI is an educational consultancy and international mobility agency specialized on designing and managing short and long term study programs and language courses in Spain. SENAI represents the most renowned Spanish higher education institutions in Southeast Asia and provides study advisory services to international students interested in extent their formation in Spain. Our services include: providing objective information about study options available; personalized advice and orientation; guidance and assistance at every stage of the application process in order to make the experience of studying in Spain easier, more comfortable and safeguarded.

SENAI’s offer includes: Summer Programs, Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, Spanish Language Programs, Internship Programs and Online Programs.

Since 2018 SENAI also offers Spanish Lessons Online with a private Spanish Tutor. International students can enjoy one to one private Spanish classes on Skype with Clara, our experienced and qualified native speaking online teacher.

Network of Partners

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Graduate Programs

Spanish courses

Internships & Other courses

Are you considering to study in Spain? Let us help you!

Spain as study destination has become extremely popular among students from all over the world. Rich in culture, affordable, exciting, vibrant, and friendly, this country offers a wide range of study opportunities for international students and researchers.

In recent years, Spain has become an international reference for IT, environmental technology, engineering, architecture, fashion and medicine. Likewise, today the country is also famous for its diverse, world-renowned cuisine and, of course, sports.

Universities in Spain have an old tradition. The first universities date from the thirteen century, in the Middle Ages and since then have evolved considerably. Nowadays Spain has more than 80 universities, 232 university campuses, 481 research institutes and 29 Doctorate Schools that strive for excellence. Like its European neighbors, Spain belongs to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and that means that follows the common structure for higher education across Europe. According with this structure, Spanish universities offer three levels of degree: The first level, el grado (or bachelor’s degree), lasts four years. The second, master’s usually lasts one or two years. And the third, doctorado (Doctoral degree) typically takes between three and four years.

Studying in Spain can be an enriching experience not only in the academic aspect, but also in your life in general. As a student you will discover the Spanish style of life and enjoy its outstanding gastronomy, art and architecture, museums, football, festivals, and nightlife.

Spaniards are accustomed to welcoming foreigners. With 57 millions of tourist visitors per year, Spain is one of top tourist destinations in Europe, and the country that receives the highest number of students from the Erasmus programme, the most important student mobility program in the European Union. The secret is the combination of quality institutions with international recognition, excellent quality of life, and an attractive cost of living. Fees are very competitive and the living expenses are lower compared to most European countries.

Furthermore, Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and it is the second most widely spoken language in the world with nearly 500 million speakers. Although you decide to take your courses in English, you can also learn and practice Spanish with the locals. Learning Spanish will truly expand your universe.

Be prepared!

Whatever your motivation is (improve your Spanish skills, discover a civilization and a different culture, expand you education, carry out research, etc.) your project requires time and preparation. There are quite a few issues that need to be thoroughly considered when studying abroad like choosing the right university, finding the appropriate course or academic program, preparing application processes, not to mention the question of arranging visa, finances and housing. In this regard, one easily ends up asking oneself how to take the rights decisions.

Since we work closely with the Spanish Education community, and we understand the challenges involved when studying abroad, we can help you to find what you're looking for and guide you through this journey. We want to provide you objective information, professional guidance, and assistance at every stage of the process in order to make you this experience easier, more comfortable and safeguarded.

What can we do for you?

  1. Providing personalized advice and orientation. We help you choose the course and institution that best matches your academic background, your career expectations and budget.
  2. Providing assistance with your application.
  3. Providing pre departure guidance (visa assistance, health insurance, accommodation).
  4. Offering Spanish courses before coming to Spain.
  5. Offering Academic preparation program for studies in Spain.
  6. Assistance in flight bookings.

Consulting Services

We are extremely committed and motivated to enhance international education cooperation between Spain, Latin America and South East Asia through our network of partners.

Building Partnerships

We provide consulting services to educational institutions seeking to develop internationalization projects and explore partnerships in Spanish speaking countries.

Offering Training Solutions

Do not hesitate to contact us to explore possibilities for cooperation or training. We are looking forward to assist you.

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Spanish Online Lessons

Clara is a professional Spanish Online Teacher for Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) and accredited DELE examiner (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) by Instituto Cervantes.

She is passionate about teaching and extremely patient and nice. She has more than 8 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners in private and group lessons working for universities, languages institutes and companies.

She has tutored many students successfully (high school students, adults, expats and diplomats) and she is always looking for ways to personalize a program that attain students’ language-learning goals.

Enjoy customised and flexible Spanish lessons with Clara, our online Spanish teacher. She has lived in France, Holland and Indonesia, and currently she resides in Barcelona, her hometown.

Clara has a strong communicative focus but the structure of her classes also allows the students to follow up on specific grammatical issues through a variety of tasks and activities in a pleasant and a comfortable environment.

Students can customised their own course by choosing the amount of hours per week, he schedule and areas to work on. The length of the sessions can go from 55 minutes to 85 minutes.



All the classes include:
Pack 1: Individual lessons Pack 2: 10 sessions Pack 3: 20 sessions
30€/ session 250€ (25€/ session) 420€ (21€/session)

Choose the course and the pack that suits your needs and sent us an email at with your preference of schedule. Clara will be back to you in 24-48 hours confirming your course and schedule.


Try a 30 minute free trial lesson to meet Clara before you decide to purchase a pack of lessons.

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